Thank you for registering interest in

I'm excited to meet the chosen 20 and see what you're building.


First you'll have to wait for the promotion period of the project to finish.

  • The Facebook ad will run for around a week.
  • Next, is to sort through all the entries and narrow it down to 20 of you.
  • The chosen 20 will be contacted via phone for a chat and to arrange a date for the interview and portrait session.

what if i'm not chosen?

For the unlucky entrants, I'll notify you by email the bad news. Not to worry, If this project is a success, I may run it again in the future. I have pie in the sky visions of possibly creating a coffee table book. Time will tell.

Until later...

Good luck to you all and a big sincere thank you again for all the interest and registrations for '20 Days of Innovation.