What's the 30ex30d project?

I’m running this project to interview and photograph thirty Melbourne entrepreneurs and showcase them over a thirty day period. One person for each day for thirty days. 

I've found myself being drawn deeper and deeper into the startup/entrepreneur scene over the past few years. I've met loads of inspirational and passionate people. All trying their hardest to bring something great to the world. Some are making a real go of it and are being very successful. Others are struggling. Whatever a particular person is working on, I feel that their successes, failures or pivotal moments should be shared with the community. We can all learn from each other, "standing on the shoulders of giants" as the saying goes.

I'm not sure what the ultimate goal is for this project. So far I imagine its away to meet like minded people, learn their story and practice my craft in the process.

Why thirty people? To start with thirty people doesn't sound like a lot. There's loads of entrepreneurial types out there in Melbourne. Really its just down to time. At present I'm pretty much a 'stay at home dad'. Looking after my little girl and running a small business on the side. If I can interview and photograph a single entrepreneur per week, it's going to take me thirty weeks. That's over half a year! 

So, if you're putting your ‘Dent’ in the universe, even if its just Melbourne’s Universe, and would like to share your stories and advice with my project, I would be most grateful. As a thank you to those taking part, you’ll get a copy of your favourite photograph to use however you wish. Of course, I wouldn't be a true entrepreneur if I didn't offer you the chance to purchase additional images if you wished.


To be considered for this project please complete the form below. The more energy you put in, the greater your chances of being selected to participate. Give me the juicy details about what you do and why.

Don’t forget, there’s only 30 spaces, so be quick.

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