Welcome to the Ims' wedding page

Gifts are not necessary. We are so excited to be having our big wedding in South Africa and so many special people are flying or driving in to celebrate with us. As everyone is travelling to the wedding, your presence is your gift to us. Many of you gave us gifts and contributions when we eloped in Port Melbourne in 2015 and again this time there are many people contributing. If you do have a burning desire to give a gift we would love you to help us to buy a thermomix!! 

People's amazing contributions to this wedding:

  • Juliette is our celebrant
  • Aunty Sian and Uncle Karl are bankrolling Esme-Rose's and Little-o's outfits
  • My brother and his wife have paid for the venue and given us the fabric for my dress
  • My Dad has paid for all the food and wine
  • My Stepdad and Mom are flying us all over there
  • Mom and my sister Meg are the local organisation committee

Plettenberg Bay

How to get there:

Nearest Airport: Plettenberg Bay.. only 1 airline flies there.. Cem Air: http://www.flycemair.co.za

Otherwise, more airlines fly to George and Port Elizabeth (George closest, 1 hour 15 minute drive)

Let us know your flight details and there will be someone around who can collect you


We will be in Plett from 3rd - 23rd October

Things planned so far:

  • 17th October - Kim's Birthday celebration TBI
  • 18th October - Possibly Featherbed trip
  • 19th October - Nik Rabinowitz Comedy Show (Amazing!!).. http://www.nikrabinowitz.co.za
  • 20th October.. Birds of Eden
  • 21st October.. the big day
  • 22nd October.. Brunch at East Heads Cafe
  • 23rd October.. Robberg Peninsula Walk

LEt us know what you are up for..

Nearby places to stay:

OR many more here.. http://www.plettenbergbayinfo.co.za/accommodation/

Places to eat:

This is by no means an exhaustive list - but includes some of our best places to eat! 

things to do:

Questions or RSVP:

The big Wedding celebration


Saturday 21st October 2017, 4.30pm
Ouland Royale, Robberg Road, Plettenberg Bay, South Africa

Please RSVP to Kim on drkimbok@me.com by April 14th
(including dietary restrictions)

Thermomix fund


for Photos and
thank yous from
the wedebration